Student opinions


Natalia is definitely an amazing opera singer, but she is also a fantastic teacher. Opera is all about feelings and expression, and there is no one better than Natalia. The way she conducts her teaching, always caring a lot about technique, but also about the expression we give to singing, really makes her a great person to learn. I especially enjoyed his endless energy and professionalism, and the advice he gave me about my repertoire will definitely be useful in the future. Thanks Natalia!

Maria Meireless (March 2019 Goa, India)

"The truth is that Natalia showed me another perspective, another vision of things and clarified many doubts regarding vocal technique. She even corrected many other technical issues in my voice that served me and serve a lot. I remember each exercise and advice that She gave me and I value it very much. A GREAT PROFESSIONAL !!! I hope to have the opportunity to participate in her classes again, because they have filled me and helped me a lot ... "(May Barragan, January 2014, Buenos Aires)

The masterclass I attended under the very capable tutelage of the extraordinary soprano Natalia Lemercier was exceptional in ways I cannot expose. Every little detail, attention paid and learned is something that has completely changed the way I sing and see the old music that I have had all this time. This also leads me to go on and on and learn new subject matter by consciously using the techniques learned in your class. It was really amazing! Thank you very much for imparting your vast knowledge.

Monalizza Lobo (March 2019 Goa, India)

"Natalia Lemercier's classes are classes with dynamism and very personalized. As a teacher she knows how to identify precisely and quickly what the student needs to improve. And once she identifies this, with clear analogies to understand, she gives you the necessary tools to overcome those problems or concerns that each student would have had.

(Javiera Menéndez, Masterclass June 2014 Santiago de Chile)

"Filled with tools that open the way to understanding the vocal technique, Natalia always gave herself very generously from her life experience and her knowledge. They were classes that allowed me to recognize everyday activities in singing and it is in simplicity where that generosity is demonstrated without having to add anything else (Silvana Parano, July 2013, Santo Tomé, Argentina)

"I have learned with a person, that apart from having a great talent, an impressive technique, and a magnificent interpretation, she is a close and humble person. From her I learned to improve my technique and not give up on my exercises. I will not forget the masterclass at the one I attended in Seville, and I want to be able to teach with her again, to repeat the experience "(Tadeo Jesus Mora Benitez, Master Class March 2014 Seville, Spain)

I did a master class with Natalia last month in Goa and I must say it was a truly wonderful experience. Although I have done those classes before, I admit that Natalia is a fantastic teacher for a singer of any level and it is highly recommended that each singer take a class with Natalia to improve range, technique and depth. The exercises he gives are simply amazing and give outstanding results. I look forward to the next master class. Ruben Quadros (March 2019 Goa, India)

I had a wonderful experience learning with teacher Natalia ... I learned the breathing techniques and how to project my voice with fluency and confidence. I was really mesmerized hearing myself do that. Thanks to the teacher Natalia for her master classes. Priyanka Diniz (March 2019 Goa, India)